Seacliff was the first message to arrive, and I think its sense of place sets the scene for the whole of Haunts. …

One of my all time favourite websites is the map section of the National Library of Scotland —

Not only can you find very old maps (going back to the 16th century), and contemporary maps of Britain, you can also buy them printed. …

Courage Traveller, the last track on Overwinter, came together from walking in three very different places. The quiet, and the rhythm of movement more often that not bring music and words into my head, and my phone is full of half breathless tunes and lines of lyrics.


In 2017 Pedr…

Our longtime collaborator, designer and photographer Pedr Browne, has given us some insights into how he made the stereoscopic images that accompany the album. Shot at night, the images required total stillness and absolute attention to detail — over to Pedr….

Five. Bridge (Coprolite Tip)

It’s some time around 5AM…

‘The Archive’

In late 2018 we were commissioned to make something in response to the Wessex Film and Sound Archive in Winchester. We decided to make a short film, BAFTA-winning director Daniel Vernon came onboard, and we set about trawling through over 100 years’ worth of film and sound recordings…

Wintering Now

I grew up on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. When I was small in the 1970s my Mum had a friend whose son went to the same primary school as me. They were wealthy, lived on a farm and had a boat. …

From the map and artwork for 1 Inch: 1/2 Mile, design and artwork for Unearth, to the videos for Curlews and Islander, and photography and artwork for Everyone Was A Bird, we have been working with the force of nature that is Pedr Browne for over 10 years.

Pedr Browne, Snowdonia 2015

For Overwinter

began with a voicemail to Grasscut HQ (a pay as you go mobile actually), after we reached out to fans to tell us about their favourite places after Everyone Was A Bird. (More of that later).

One of the messages was about a Coprolite (fossilised animal dung mined and used…

Here is a selection of sounds, bits of poetry and prose, that have influenced and inspired Overwinter — I hope you enjoy them and also find them inspiring!

George Oppen: From Disaster (from The Materials, 1962)

“Ultimately the air

Is bare sunlight where must be found

The lyric valuables.”


Grasscut Music

'Pure genius' - The Telegraph, 5/5... Two albums out on Ninja Tune; third out now on Lo Recordings. @andrewphmusic / @marcusodair

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